“The higher one’s aspiration and commitment, the stronger one’s longing and motivation.” – Rumi


Enlightz Finance is here to support Entrepreneurs, the Self-Employed and Businesses in the UK to plan and obtain practical solutions to improve their financial performance.

Those that don’t have a financial background find it challenging to understand our current financial system. The system is overly complex and financial education has been inadequate or is often impractical. To add to this, we are experiencing rapid technological changes that may cause problems keeping up-to-date.

I want to provide valuable content and services to help you along your journey to financial success. I aim to be forward looking and inform on new developments, embracing innovation and agile practices.

About Me

Hi, I’m Gabriela. I have a unique story that has brought me all the way to starting this business.

My finance journey had humble beginnings, it started in a bedsit in London. At that point in time, I couldn’t imagine what success looked like. I showed up in the UK alone at 18. The need to pay my bills pushed me straight into employment in a local coffee shop.

And now, after a good few years and never giving up …

I have studied and then worked within finance for over 10 years. In this time I was able to work across different finance roles and industries. My career included a variety of commercial finance roles that involved working with business partners on decision support and financial performance.

I have a first class BSc Hons degree in Investment and Financial Risk Management from Cass Business School. I am also a UK Chartered Account with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

To learn more about my credentials please visit my LinkedIn page.

I have always enjoyed the process of learning about business, investment, wealth and money. I strive for continuous development, the more complete my understanding of financial interdependencies, the better I can be in helping others get ahead.

I haven’t had what is considered a conventional life. To find out more about my story, read my blog  Why I Strive for More – 6 Life Challenges.

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