It Always Starts With Mindset Resilience

I always knew that your mindset is important in reaching your goals. However, knowing something and experiencing it for yourself is an entirely different thing.

Photo by Gab – Flower fields in Norfolk, UK

My most important learning (so far) from setting up on my own is that a strong and positive mindset is the most important skill you need to have and develop in order to progress forward. You are going to be tested time- and-time again and self-doubt will kick in … it’s so easy to stop progressing due to fear of failure, the worry of inadequacy and the feeling of continuous judgement.

Without investing in your mental strength, you will find achieving your goals incredibly difficult.

Achieving your dreams is possible, maybe outcomes and the dream won’t be exactly as you had envisioned, but the needs and reasons of why you are following those desires can definitely be met. Don’t let anyone convince you that it’s not hard and that all you have to do is want it!!! It’s a long and difficult journey of self-discovery and overcoming challenges. However, as you continue to endure this journey, personal growth is so significant that it’s worth undertaking.

When going after such a big goal, you must be ready to face your biggest fears about yourself. 

One of the things that I have encountered is having to overcome the questioning from those around. Not everyone seems to understand what you are trying to do. Sometimes at early stages of business development, you aren’t able to clearly communicate your vision, but you yourself understand what you are trying to achieve. That is completely OK. Others can’t always see your determination, your passion, your commitment and what you are willing to do to make it a success. 

Your communication develops over time, that doesn’t mean you are incapable or have a bad idea. It just means that you need more time to develop and focus on improving the way you talk about your new adventure.

Learning is a continuous process and even if you think you have mastered something, you often need to go back and refine things. This is lately referred to like the idea of having a “Growth Mindset”.

Some may call it a failure and others accept refining as part of the development process. Recently I had a break in progressing my goals. Some may have thought I had given up, but if anyone truly knows me that is certainly not the case. What I needed was to take a step back in order to evaluate some roadblocks that I was encountering. I had to call in my problem-solving skills. Getting back on track was mentally difficult, which is why I wanted to share this with you. 

I am now back in a place where I want to be. Here are some things I have recently done to help grow my mental strength:

  • Signed-up to a Mentor (free mentoring at MicroMentor)
  • Obtain Encouragement from Others (actively seek out help from people who you feel are supportive and that you can be honest with).
  • Doing Online Well-Being/Success Courses  (free courses at Coursera)
  • Meditation and Yoga (for free on YouTube: I love Yoga With Adriene)
  • Exercising (Mix it up: outdoor walking, cardio at home, gym)
  • Following a Strict Diet (signed up to a diet plan to reinforce my commitment). 
  • Taking Time-Out to Practice Self-care (give yourself time to clear your head, do fun activities, and be loving towards yourself. This is a MUST !!!! …. you need this in order to open your mental capacity to solve problems).

I hope that sharing this has helped someone! 

I have just finished watching an inspiring video on Instagram from Mel Robbins that I can relate with… it’s about having an impact  … “It all starts with making an impact for just one person.”. It doesn’t matter where others are in their success journey … all that matters is that you feel like you are making a difference in your own individual way.

Thank You,

Gab (written on: 28.01.2020)

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