Why a Personal Blog?

I have come to realise that I have more to share than just my finance expertise. In addition, I believe that in order to achieve financial success, you must have the right mindset, tools, and resources to get there.

I have decided to share things as I am experiencing them, rather than after the fact.

As I am also on my own personal journey to achieve a long-term purpose and vision, I thought that it could be valuable to document this experience. 

It is easy to give advice to others once all goals are achieved and you’re already considered very successful. By the time I am satisfied with an unrealistic expectation of perfection, it might be too late.

Perhaps more valuable is for others to see a more truthful view of the journey and the obstacles that someone encounters in getting to that end goal. Seeing progression and dedication as they happen. This will potentially also serve my purpose of wanting to inspire others to go after their desires.

I have therefore created this area to post some of my experiences.

Thank You,

Gabi (written on 28/01/2020)

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